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FOLDER-GLUERS Automatic high-speed folder gluer





Technical specifications


Box making parameters


Optional configuration


■ Four/hexagonal sticker device ■ Climbing bottom lock ■ Hot melt glue spray system ■ Plasma processor ■ 90/180 degree corner ■ Order storage ■ Braille ■ Three-dimensional box device ■ Scratch-resistant paper feeder ■ Thin paper feeding Feida Automatic box collection device Quality inspection system Glue inspection system Online coding/barcode inspection Automatic rejection device

■ Four/hexagonal sticker device

■ Climbing bottom lock

■ Hot melt glue spray system

■ Plasma processor

■ 90/180 degree corner

■ Order storage

■ Braille

■ Three-dimensional box device

■ Scratch-resistant paper feeder

■ Thin paper feeding Feida Automatic

   box collection device Quality inspection

   system Glue inspection system Online 

   coding/barcode inspection Automatic

   rejection device

Placement space


Technical Parameters

Processing materialCardboard180-800 g/m²
Corrugated flute typeN,F,E
Inching Speed20m/min
Max. feeding width690mm850mm1200mm
Max. feeding width130mm140m190mm
Way of Pre-foldFirst folding line 180 degree, and the third folding line 135 degree
Type of glueCold glue/Hot melt glue/PUR glue

Electrical installation


Required power21KW25KW30KW
Compressed air6bar
Air compressor capacity10m³ /h
Air tank capacity60L
Machine dimensionL13m

Applicable Material

Carton board、Corrugated board、Plastic sheet

Production Box Type

One-side gluing

4- Corner

Bottom gluing

4- Corner with Lid

Double-wall gluing

6- Corner

Carton Specifications

ModelOne-side gluing

Double-wall gluing

Bottom gluing

4- Corner

4- Corner with Li

6- Corner


W 130(75)-680mm

H  max700mm

E  min60mm 

W  200-680mm

H  100-500mm

D  30-150mm

E  80-560

W 145-680mm

H  70-500mm

E 68-340mm

W 90-650mm

H 140-600mm

E 25-150mm

W 250-680mm

H 140-600mm

E 25-150mm

W 300-650mm

H 140-600mm

E 25-150mm


W 140(75)-850mm

H  max900mm

E  min65mm    

W  200-820mm

H  100-800mm

D  30-150mm

E  80-700

W 145-820mm

H  70-500mm

E 68-380mm

W 190-820mm

H  140-800mm

E  25-150mm

W 250-820mm

H 140-800mm

E 25-150mm

W 300-800mm

H 140-800mm

E 25-150mm


W 190(80)-1200mm

H  max1000mm

E  min80mm

W  200-1170mm

H  100-800mm

D  30-150mm

E  80-1150

W 170-1150mm

H  80-1000mm

E 80-600mm

W 200-1150mm

H 160-800mm

E  25-150mm

W 250-1120mm

H 170-900mm

E 25-150mm

W 360-1120mm

H 160-800mm

E 25-150mm

Basic floor plan

ModelLength (mm) width (mm)width (mm)




Feeding Unit

● Independent motor frequency conversion drive;

● A number of high-quality thickened belts and electric paper stacking vibration device ensure accurate and smooth feeding;

● The adjustment of each mechanism in the feeding unit is convenient and easy, which shortens the setting and job changing time.

● There are 2 sets of main knife / auxiliary knife for feeding;

Side Register Unit

● Make sure that the paperboard is accurate and straight before entering the folding process

Pre-Folding Unit

● It is suitable for the products that need to enter the automatic packaging line, fold No.1 creasing line 180 degrees and No.3 creasing line 135 degrees, so as to facilitate the opening of the product when filling the material.

● It can also provide auxiliary folding function for boxes that need to be folded many times.

Crash Lock Bottom Unit

● Large / medium / small complete set of lock bottom parts to ensure the accurate and smooth production of different sizes of lock bottom box;

● The upper pressure transmitter is of retractable design, which can be flexibly adjusted according to different lock bottom boxes;

● Open mechanism design, easy to operate, convenient to disassemble and install

Gluing Unit

● Both the left and right bottom gluing units can be used to micro-adjust the glue volume individually;

● The upper gluing device is the high-speed electronic glue gun spraying system;

● Disassembly and installation is convenient, easy to clean and maintain;

Final Folding Unit

Extended long journey design, so that the paperboard can fully stretch here, and the second line & the fourth line can be naturally shape into form;

● Left and right folding belt 180 degrees independent speed adjustable;

Trombone Unit

The upper and lower transporters are driven separately, which are suitable for all kinds of long and short boxes;

● Continuous and automatic carton accumulation ensures the natural and smooth accumulation of cartons of different sizes in this part;

● Alignment device.

● Equipped with automatic kicking & counting device;

Conveying Unit

● The pneumatic pressure adjustment design can adjust the applied pressure accurately;

● Using two independent imported belts, soft and moderate, with sponge belt, to ensure that the product will not damage the surface in the process of glue curing.

● The speed of the conveyor is adjusted automatically according to the rotation speed of the main engine, and the manual operation mode and speed can also be selected;

Back Folding Device

The independent main control panel is easy to operate and master;

● Two groups of high-precision servo motors drive the electronic back-folding system and cooperate with the motion controller to ensure the accurate movement of the two servo shafts in high-speed operation;

Optional Configuration

Model: QILIN  65 / 80 / 110
  • 4/6 corner devices
  • Wave Lock Bottom Device
  • Hot glue system
  • Plasma treatment system
  • 90/180 Turning
  • Memory storage
  • Braille
  • Stereo Box
  • Scratch-resistant Feeder
  • Thin Paper Feeding Feida
  • Automatic box collecting device
  • Quality Inspection
  • Glue detection system
  • Coding Online/Bar Code Detection
  • Automatic rejector device

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