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FLEXIBLEFOLD 700/900/1200

FOLDER-GLUERS Automatic high-speed folder gluer



Single station high-speed program-controlled waste stripping machine


Double-station high-speed program-controlled waste stripping machine


Single station high-speed program-controlled waste stripping machine


Double-station high-speed program-controlled waste stripping machine

Device details

High-speed program-controlled waste removal machine

It is an automated waste removal project invested by Herui Automation. After many upgrades, from the initial application to tag and card products, to the wide application of folding color boxes, transparent plastic boxes, and gray boards, special facial tissues and other products in the boutique packaging industry, hundreds of companies have been Domestic and foreign customers provide faster, more efficient, and lower labor intensity waste removal process applications.


Function description

It is suitable for automatic waste removal of tags/cards, color boxes, transparent plastic boxes, gray boards, special facial tissues and other products.


Performance quality

●   The gantry mechanism design provides unquestionable stability compared to the "beak type".

●   The machine body is finished and assembled with national standard steel plate, which can fully guarantee the installation accuracy of linear guides, ball screws, servo motors and other

      components. So as to ensure the stability and service life of the equipment in high frequency use, and minimize the maintenance cost.

●   The whole machine uses high-quality standard parts and electrical components from world-class suppliers to ensure the stability and reliability of the waste stripper in production and safe


     Main electrical appliances: Taiwan's Delta, France's Schneider, Japan's Omron.

     Key components: Shanghai Bank of Taiwan, AirTAC Taiwan.

●  The workbench is made of stainless steel panels with fine grinding treatment to ensure the smooth movement of the paper without scratching. Compared with the electroplating method of

     similar products on the market, there is no need to consider the problem of surface damage and rust.

●   Man-machine and PLC computer control, full-color touch screen, so that the operator can easily and accurately complete the calibration and order replacement. Order memory function, can

     store and memorize 160 products.

●   Equipped with grating protection to ensure the safety of personnel production.


Technical indicators of high-speed program-controlled waste stripping machine

型号 Model HR-1050QF HR-1050QFC

液压功率 Hydraulic power

最大输出功率3000KG,输出功率范围1000KG至3000 KG

The maximum output power is 3000KG, and the output power range is 1000KG to 3000 KG.

传动 Drive


Servo subdivision motor is used to transmit,motion through precision screw ball.

测量装置 Measuring device


Multi direction servo technology, photoelectric device measurement accuracy, sealing design can prevent dirt.

最大纸张幅面 Maximum paper size 1060mm*735mm(可定制/Customizable)
最小纸张幅面Minimum paper size 最小/Minimum 300mm*300mm(可定制/Customizable)
最大脱标规格Max. stripping size 425*425mm(可定制/Customizable)
最小脱标规格Min. stripping size 50*50mm(可定制/Customizable)
堆纸高度 Piling height 50-120mm
脱标速度Stripping speed 1-22mm
最大工作压力(T)Max. working pressure 3.8
气压(pa) Pressure 8
用电功率 Power 380V,连续工作1.5千瓦/小时 380V, working 1.5 kilowatts per hour continuously.
重量 Weight 2000kg 2330kg
机械尺寸 Machine dimension 2800mm*1850mm*1800mm 3500*1850*1800mm


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