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How to do the daily inspection of powder hydraulic press

Author:Dongguan Herui Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. Colo Click: Time:2019-04-04 18:31:24

The daily inspection of the powder hydraulic press is to ensure safe operation every day. Once a failure occurs, the daily inspection can help determine the cause of the failure. So, how to do the daily inspection of powder hydraulic press?

  The daily inspection of powder hydraulic press has the following aspects:

(1)The amount and temperature of the oil in the tank. Observe the fuel tank level gauge. The liquid level in the fuel tank should always be maintained at a normal level, otherwise it should be refilled in time. The refilled oil grade must be the same as the system oil grade, and after laboratory testing, it meets the specified indicators; the refilled oil must Carry out filtering, and the filtering precision is not lower than the precision requirements of the system.

  (2)Oil leakage at various sealing parts and pipe joints. It is inevitable and common for hydraulic systems to leak under working conditions. Leakage leads to a decrease in system pressure, resulting in unstable speed of actuators, wasting oil, consuming energy, reducing efficiency, rising oil temperature, polluting the environment, and causing fire hazards. Leakage of the system mostly occurs in the fixed seal and the moving seal. The cause of leakage is usually seal damage, aging, damage or loose connection screws (caused by pipeline vibration) and should be repaired in time. Leakage under non-working conditions is not allowed.

  (3)Check whether the screws at the pressure adjustment point of the flow valve and other pressure valves are loose. If the pressure regulating screw of the overflow valve is loose, the working pressure of the system will not reach the predetermined value or the working pressure cannot be established, and the system will not work normally. If the adjusting screw of the pressure reducing valve is loose, the outlet pressure will not reach the predetermined value and the pressure reducing circuit will not work normally.

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