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Introduction to the role of semi-automatic baler clutch

Author:Dongguan Herui Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. Colo Click: Time:2019-04-04 18:32:33

The clutch is one of the important parts of the semi-automatic packer. What are the common semi-automatic packer clutches, and what are their functions? Next, China Equipment Network introduces the function of the semi-automatic packer clutch as follows:

  1. The active shaft brake clutch. It is connected with the motor through a belt, and the belt gear connected to the motor of the baler is attracted by touching the micro-switch of the packing or the belt feeding switch. The rotation of the belt drives the driving shaft of the baler to rotate through the clutch, and the driving shaft of the baler is mainly distributed The top knife, ironing head, and the brake cam of the strap bonding table drive the cam to rotate, and then complete the working cycle of topping, cutting and ironing the strap. Introduction to the role of semi-automatic baler clutch

2. Send and return the belt system brake clutch. Like the brake clutch of the active shaft of the automatic baler, the motor is indirectly connected through the belt, and the clutch is in the closed state when the belt is fed and unloaded, thereby completing the work of feeding and unwinding the belt.

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