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How to run in the lawnmower

Author:Dongguan Herui Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. Colo Click: Time:2019-04-04 18:33:33

When the lawnmower is new, the engine and all moving parts have not been fully run-in. There are still traces of processing due to moving parts. If used without running-in, the friction surface will be severely worn and shorten the service life of the engine and other parts.

  Before running in, first fill up the lawnmower with oil and gasoline. Fasten each fixed part to ensure the technical condition is intact. Start the engine, run the engine at a low speed for 10 minutes, increase the throttle and run for another 10 minutes, then allow the engine to run at a higher speed for 10 minutes, reduce the engine speed to engage the cutter, and gradually move from a medium speed to a higher speed for 30 minutes. Complete the preliminary run-in.

  The machine running-in work should be combined with trial cutting. After the preliminary running-in is completed, the lawnmower should be thoroughly inspected and adjusted before trial cutting can be carried out.

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