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The development status of domestic construction machinery and equipment leasing industry

Author:Dongguan Herui Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. Colo Click: Time:2019-04-06 02:09:38

For a long time, the current mechanical equipment of the construction site is subordinate to the construction enterprise, and the purpose is to serve the construction of the enterprise, resulting in a situation of low utilization of mechanical equipment and poor investment effect. At the same time, the machinery and equipment purchased by various enterprises are almost similar, and repeated investment is serious, causing a serious backlog of social assets. The mechanical equipment is seriously aging, and the large amount of idle equipment has become a heavy burden for construction enterprises, restricting the development and progress of mechanical equipment. After the establishment of the socialist market economic system, we must emphasize the investment efficiency of equipment. To socialize construction machinery, it is necessary to establish a social rental market for machinery and equipment as soon as possible, so as to revitalize the fixed assets of machinery and equipment, reflect the investment effect, increase the utilization rate of machinery and equipment, and achieve the purpose of machinery replacement. Establishing a social leasing market for machinery and equipment can improve the level of management, use, repair and maintenance of machinery and equipment, help reduce consumption, save manpower, material resources, and financial resources; it will help carry out technical training and international exchanges, and improve their own quality.   

  However, due to many factors, the development of machinery and equipment leasing industry has been severely restricted.

 ⑴The macro management of the leasing industry lacks a unified centralized department.

  At present, the leasing industry is under the management of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, the People’s Bank of China, the State Administration of Foreign Exchange, and the State Administration for Industry and Commerce. The power is scattered and the responsibilities are unclear. It is easy to cause friction and shirk, and it is difficult to coordinate and unify policies. The management of our country's leasing industry has fallen into a nominal "vacuum zone". On the contrary, my country’s leasing industry does not yet have a leasing industry association that has close ties with the competent government departments to coordinate, guide, communicate, and serve the business management and information of leasing companies.

 ⑵The lack of leasing regulations to protect the normal development of the leasing industry has caused the leasing industry to be in an environment of "unable to follow and no rules to follow" for a long time.

  At present, my country does not have a comprehensive leasing law designed to protect the legitimate rights and interests of leasing parties. Only in the "Economic Contract Law", "General Principles of Civil Law", relevant documents of the Ministry of Finance and the interim measures for financial leasing formulated by professional banks, there are some simple provisions, which are far from being able to meet the actual needs of the leasing industry. The leasing industry cannot be followed, the parties to the lease contract do not have a unified code of conduct, and it is difficult to effectively protect the legal rights and interests of the lease contract. In project bidding and credit review, the legality of the leasing industry has not been protected, which has seriously hindered the normal operation and healthy development of my country’s leasing industry.

  ⑶Lack of fiscal and taxation policies to support the development of the leasing industry.

  In order to support the development of leasing business, most foreign countries implement preferential financial and taxation policies. However, my country has long regarded leasing financing as a loan, which is regarded as a general business practice in terms of taxation. Generally, banks do not accept mortgage loans and bank credit guarantees in the leasing industry, and the insurance industry does not participate in the insurance work of the leasing industry. This has become the leasing market. Obstacles to normal development.

  ⑷At present, the types of leasing business are relatively single, basically limited to general import financial leasing and part-time physical leasing.

  In financial leasing, businesses such as leaseback and export leasing have hardly been carried out. In the physical leasing business, the business of renting and selling is rarely carried out. There are many reasons for the single form of leasing, such as the constraints of the state-owned asset management system, the lack of matching seller’s credit and credit insurance, the credibility of the leasing medium, and the fear of risks in the state-owned economy. There is a clear gap between the phenomenon of rent and similar foreign companies. These reasons have restrained the development of diversified forms of leasing in my country.

  ⑸The rent arrears are very serious, causing difficulties for the leasing company’s capital turnover.

  According to relevant data, as of the end of 1994, 17 of the Sino-foreign joint venture leasing companies had been owed rents amounting to 600 million U.S. dollars. The huge rent arrears put the leasing companies into serious business difficulties. With the establishment and gradual improvement of my country's market economic system, it is believed that my country's leasing industry, as an emerging industry, will surely be able to shoulder its historical responsibilities and continue to grow and develop.

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