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Is the folder-gluer worth starting?

Author:Dongguan Herui Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. Colo Click: Time:2020-08-25 11:17:05

In the printing and packaging industry, the application of the box-gluer is one of the post-processes of packaging box processing, which is to fold the printed and die-cut cardboard into a shape and glue it.

In the past ten years, machine gluing has gradually replaced manual gluing. This progress has not only reduced labor costs, but has also improved production efficiency. In the past few years, I was hesitating about whether to start a folder-gluing machine, which is excusable, but if many paper packaging factories are still wandering today, then you will carefully product!

Judging from the current international market share, side sticker boxes account for about 40%, hook-bottom boxes account for about 35%, four-hexagonal boxes, special-shaped boxes, etc. The proportion will gradually increase. This momentum is also happening in the country.

With the acceleration of economic globalization and the intensification of market competition, consumers and packaging users are increasingly demanding packaging boxes. After all, "people rely on clothing, loading and packaging", who is not a beauty control, good packaging is pleasing to the eye, just as the beautiful face makes people shine, of course, the increasingly diversified design of the packaging box also greatly improves the product. Added value.

The customers' trial of different materials and box types encourages manufacturers to not stop at a moment in the renewal and functional improvement of machinery and equipment, otherwise it will be OUT.

In recent years, the demand for automatic bottom-locking and special-shaped color boxes has been steadily increasing, such as coffee/milk tea take-away boxes, high-end cosmetic boxes, toy boxes, and boutique boxes. Not only the pursuit of exquisite appearance, but also ingenuity in design, the freaks derived from it are actually "box-in-box", which is a mutation product in a box.

The high-speed box gluer and folding machine adopts modular structure design, and the whole machine is driven by multi-groove belts.

Why use multi-groove belts? The contact area and friction force between the multi-groove belt and the pulley are larger, and the load is distributed evenly along the bandwidth, so the transmission capacity is greater; at the same time, the belt body is thin, light, and flexible; in addition, the multi-groove belt drive has less vibration, Fast heat dissipation, stable operation, small use elongation, compact transmission, and obvious energy saving effect.

Focus on it! Smooth and not noisy! durable! Power saving!

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