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Thoughts caused by the shortage of folder-gluer captains

Author:Dongguan Herui Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. Colo Click: Time:2020-08-31 00:00:00

The flexibility and complexity of the paste box process determines its importance in the printing field. Traditional handwork has persisted for decades, but it is not impossible to paste it. Why is it facing elimination in just a few years? First of all, the complexity of the box shape, from the initial side stickers, double-sided boxes, to the later hook-bottom boxes, and then to the four-corner box, hexagonal box, and box-in-box as we call the increasing proportion; secondly, the manual folding At that time, the amount of glue and the accuracy of folding cannot be compared with the machine; again, a very important point is production efficiency.

We look at a simple data:

For manual production, 10 workers can only produce about 30,000 a day at most. For box-gluer production, 3 people (starting + receiving boxes) can reach 50000-60000 in 1 hour. Some boxes can even make more than 100,000 an hour.

The layman looks at the excitement, the insider looks at the doorway. Ordinary people know that because of the huge difference in production efficiency and production costs, handwork has gradually faded out. But experts are well aware that the craze of folder-gluer machines, on the surface, is a smart machine instead of traditional handwork. In fact, it will never jump out of the "people-oriented" concept, and ultimately the right to speak is in people.

If the key is on the folder-gluer, the key can only be the captain of the folder-gluer.

The person who opens the folder-gluer is the captain of the folder-gluer. He is responsible for debugging the machine to ensure that the machine runs smoothly when producing cartons and cartons of different specifications, sizes and materials. In most printing plants, packaging companies or processing plants, the salary of the captain of the folder-gluer is definitely higher than that of ordinary workers. Statistics show that the most common captain in Guangdong also has a monthly salary of six to seven thousand. Of course, different companies, different machines, and different products have very different wages. The skilled and stable box-gluer start-up master can not only open several machines by one person, but is also stable in the face of complex box types. The monthly salary is more than 10,000 yuan is the basic salary, but the box-gluer captain is still in short supply.

So the question is, the salary is acceptable, the academic requirements are not high, and there is no threshold for social relations. Why do many printing plants still face a situation where it is difficult for the captain to find opportunities?

There is no denying that there are social factors, the lack of high-quality talents, and the low salaries of enterprises. But these are not the deepest reasons. After all, resources need people to fight for, talents need time and energy to cultivate, and wages continue to rise with the improvement of personal ability.

But the problem lies with people, and the source of the problem lies with the person, the captain, the master, or the boss.

First, the apprentice refuses to endure hardship

Philosophy tells us that the development of any thing is driven by internal and external factors. Internal factors are the source, foundation, and fundamental driving force of the development of things.. There is an old saying that the master leads the door and the practice lies in the individual, which is the same principle. A teacher once confided that the current apprentice is arrogant, unwilling to endure hardship, and can't be angry. If he doesn't agree with him, he will quit his job. If an apprentice himself refuses to calm down, sink himself, keep his eyes low, talk about life ideals and ambitions at every turn, disdain to delve into and explore the most practical and basic knowledge, and even regard these as useless work, then no matter how far-reaching ideals are. It can only be a castle in the air.


Second, the master leads the apprentice = loses jobs

The disciples of the church starved to death of the master. This is the "human reality" applicable to any technical work. This kind of crisis awareness keeps the master always surrounded by long-term worries and near-worries. Instead of taking real guys to lead his apprentices, people say that the masters are "unexpected." Darker psychology: The more people in the church, the boss can recruit people at any time, and the greater the competition, then the status of the captain will be in jeopardy, and the salary will be lowered.

Third, the risk of enterprise training talents is high

For any company, it takes risks to train new people. Take the printing factory as an example. Novices on the road will cause hundreds of thousands of products to be scrapped by accident. Therefore, many companies and factories would rather hire a high-paid master to start the machine than spend time and financial resources to train a new person. Moreover, even if these energy and investment have been effective, it is difficult to guarantee that they can be retained. Over time, everyone tacitly agreed, only hired, not trained.

Not only the folder-gluer machine, in fact, all industries are facing a shortage of professional talents. The company predicts the situation and takes the lead in joint action with universities and technical colleges to actively build a folder-gluer machine captain. Students learn knowledge at school and learn in factories. Technology and cultural practice are both correct, graduation and employment.

This move on the one hand ensures the education and technical level of the technical personnel, and more importantly, mass customization and professional training, not only ensures that every folder gluer / folder gluer in Asia can enjoy the "one-to-one" personal Service also reserves the golden power for the industry.

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